Top 10 Parenting Tips for Your Pre Schoolers

December 20, 2017

Preschoolers are kids from 3 to 5 years of age who need special care and attention. At this age, they start to learn and imitate what they see in their surroundings. They believe in fairy tales and creative imagination around them. As parents, it’s our duty to help them in their development and grow.

Here we have mentioned some tips for parenting for your pre-schoolers:

1.  Train Your Child to be a Good Listener

Small kids may not find it convenient to sit in one place for along time. Therefore it is important to develop him or she interested in the practice of paying attention by telling them stories.

2.  Prepare your Kid Mentally for the Preschool

Prepare your Child mentally to face the preschool by talking about it. Try to remove fears before going to school. However, it is difficult so don’t get panic if your kid is finding it difficult in the initial phase.

3.  Pack a Spare Set of Outfits

Pre-schoolers often meet with an accident when they play with colours. They are likely to drop water and food. That’s why you need to keep a spare set of outfits in the bag.

4.  Give Attention to Motor Skill Development

Inspire your child to draw and do other tasks that contribute to development of their motor skills.

5.  Play with you Child

Small kids want their parent’s time and attention. No matter how busy you are, spend some time with your children. Have fun with dance together on your child’s favourite songs.

6.  Child is Not Always Easy to Understand

Please don’t assume that your child understands the whole thing that you tell her or him. Find some creative methods to make them learn the things. Their mind set is too small to understand bigger things.

7.  Be an Example for your Child

A child often imitates. Whatever you do in regular life, it will have a very big impression on your child’s act.

8.  Discipline is Important

Teach your kid that how to behave with others without being too harsh. Help them to grow into helpful and be capable.

9.  Keep the School Informed about Your Child’s Problems

In pre-schooler, the immunity power is less than elders. When your child keeps in touch with other kids, he might get infected fast. The medical history of your child should be informed to the school if you think it is important.

10. Teach to Manage Priorities

Playing games is the first priority for kids. As a parent, it’s your duty to explain them the value of a study on time.Create a balance of play and study right from the beginning.

It would not be a fair thing to restrict the play time at a tender age. Playing is equally important for their development.

By Kids Carnival Pre School

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