About Us

About Fable
  • Warm welcoming place to engage & nurture each child.

    A smart & extra-ordinary kindergarten for smart & extraordinary development of a child. Our programes encourages creativity, imagination & self-expression.

    Children not only learn how to read & write, but develop a love & passion for this which is an asset for their lifetime.

    • Children here perform, achieve & excel in scholastic activities.

    • Modern app-based technology & smart boards with projectors.

    • Practical learning experience with theory base.

    • Children excel here with our educate-cum-play structure.

    • Excellent interpersonal & communication skills are developed.

    • Wide range of activities throughout the year including our prestigious Annual function.

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

    • Wide range of books for children to read & best art & craft teachers to brainstorm child’s creativity.

    • Modern equipments to cope-up with the technology driven society, our gems are already doing wonders with this.

    • Exploring & brainstorming a child’s mind to develop qualities of being a future leader.

    • Introduction to new enhanced & effective way to learn through audio-visual systems for better understanding through pictures & videos.

    • We see this is as a way for children to learn & understand things better through movements & hearing i.e. exploring their senses.

    • Physical fitness & sports activities opens a child’s mind to overcome various challenges, thus shaping the personality at a young age.

    • Educational field trips for children to have a live experience of all the things they see, hear & know from books.

    • We take care of our superheroes & hence have provide them all round security & have installed all latest safety equipments in our premises.